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How To Market Artwork Online

In this article we'll look at several ways you can market your artwork online and get the most exposure for your portfolio website and artworks.

Social Media

Social media ...

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New Artist Website Template Released

We've added another beautiful artist website template that is now available for artists to select.  This theme is called "Casual".  It features a full-screen backsplash imag...

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Version 1.2 Released

We've just released version 1.2 of EZZL.  This version brings several features and enhancements to the "Pro" package, as well as 2 new beautiful themes!  Here is a shortlist...

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Artist Portfolio Websites

We specialize in creating professional artist portfolio websites.  We are working on new themes for artists to choose for their websites continuously.  Our themes are responsive in nature...

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SEO & Marketing Artists

Building a website for your artist portfolio is only half the battle.  Getting people to view your work and gaining greater online presence and exposure is the other half.  Each arti...

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Artist Event Management

For the professional artists's platform allows artists to create any number of events.  Users can then register for these events and pay any associated event fees directly from th...

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Virtual Terminal & POS doesn't just provide websites for artists, as within the admin panel artists can create arbitrary charges using our virtual terminal & point of sale.  This feature is particul...

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Printing & Exporting Artwork Data features powerful tools to help you archive and export your artwork and website data. We'll take a look at a couple of the features that help you manage your tangibles first.

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Version 1.1 Released

We've released version 1.1 of This version brings several enhancements and a few extra features. Here are a few of the artist websites features in this version. All trial and standard ...

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Connect with EZZL

EZZL is closely aligned with allowing both call artists & call admins to connect their profiles with their websites. You'll need to have an active website...

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Version 1.0 Released!

We've released version 1.0 of EZZL's artist portfolio website platform. Here is an initial list of features that 1.0 brings.