Frequently Asked Questions


What is your refund policy?

We offer free 100% refunds (excluding custom domain names) within 15 days of initial purchase or account renewal payment!

I've outgrown my current plan, how to I upgrade?

If you've outgrown your tier, simply head to your "Dashboard" from within the admin backend to upgrade to higher level tier.

Do sold artworks count against my limit?

No. Part of the beauty of EZZL, is that you can track all artworks and buyers that have been sold/purchased indefinitely! All sold artworks won't count against your limit.

Do I have to list my artwork for sale?

Nope. You can use EZZL solely as a professional portfolio website for artists, and skip all of the selling & e-commerce aspects.

Can I use a domain I already own?

Sure. You'll just have to update a couple of DNS settings at your domain registrars admin panel. Get in contact with us via support in the admin panel for help on configuring your custom domain name settings.

Do you help with existing site migration?

Yeah. We'll help port over your existing website's portfolio images and up to 10 web pages to EZZL. Blog content cannot be transfered.

Are these really frequently asked questions, or did you just make them up?