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15 Artist Portfolio Website Samples For Painters

8/8/18, 10:37 PM

We've looked at countless painter portfolios to find 15 artists with amazing websites. These painters have beautiful websites to match their talented art skills!

Theme Work Artist Template Released

7/18/18, 6:32 PM

We've just released a brand new theme called "Work". This template has beautiful typography and plenty of whitespace.

Version 1.4 Contact & Art Inventory Management

5/23/18, 7:25 PM

1.4 is a big release. It brings several new features, with a couple of flagship features. Artists can now manage their contact list as well as inventory management with location tracking. Keep reading for the full breakdown of features!

How to Sell Art Online - A Comprehensive Guide

5/10/18, 9:26 PM

A comprehensive look at selling artwork online. Learn useful tips and tricks as well as several resources for selling your art.

How To Market Artwork Online

3/16/18, 4:58 PM

A quick look at marketing artwork online with several resources tips and tricks!

Version 1.3 Blog Management for Artists

12/14/17, 9:55 PM

We've just released version 1.3 which brings blog management to our platform. Artists can now create a blog and begin writing about their artwork to increase engagement!

New Artist Website Template Released

8/24/17, 2:32 AM

We've released another brand new template that is now available to choose in your Site settings. It's called "Theme Casual"

Version 1.2 Released

8/14/17, 9:55 PM

Version 1.2 brings event management with participant registration and payment & newsletter signups and sending!

Artist Portfolio Websites

8/7/17, 4:25 AM

SEO & Marketing Artists

8/7/17, 4:23 AM

Artist Event Management

8/7/17, 4:13 AM

Virtual Terminal & POS

8/7/17, 4:09 AM

Printing & Exporting Artwork Data

8/7/17, 3:57 AM

EZZL allows for printing and exporting of your artwork

Version 1.1 Released

8/4/17, 6:38 AM

Version 1.1 is now available and comes with many new gallery features such as password protection and private or public view!

Connect with EZZL

7/1/17, 7:53 PM

EZZL allows for artists to connect their EZZL site with Once connected you can link any of your EZZL artworks directly on your call for entry submissions!

Version 1.0 Released!

6/16/17, 7:59 PM

We've released our initial version of EZZL. This article has a quick overview of a few features in 1.0

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