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Everything You Think We Are, We Are
Lotus floral arrangement
  • Lotus floral arrangement Sculpture / 3D / Wood
  • Jamie Pratt
flowers on my fence
small crane
  • small crane Sculpture / 3D / Wood
  • Bill Kent
The Kiss of the Golden Hummingbirds Flight
  • The Kiss of the Golden Hummingbirds Flight Painting
  • Tara Shorey
Mama Africa
Red Peonies
Painting in Red and White
Rose Art
  • Rose Art Painting
Mr. Pickles
Red Cloak and Pin
God of Hunt
Out of the Depths
Concerto with Autumn Leaves
  • Concerto with Autumn Leaves Painting
  • Don Reed
Stars & Stripes
  • Scarface Painting
  • Scarface Painting